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Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos

Phil Friend interviews disabled people about the things they use to overcome the barriers they face because of their disability.

Throughout my life I’ve worked to end prejudice and discrimination towards disabled people. Now I use podcasting as a way of starting debates and as a way of getting messages out. I love any environment where there is a chance to talk! Gear, Gadget and Gizmos covers just that - and more.

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The Way We Roll with Simon Minty & Phil Friend

A seriously funny take on life from the disability driven duo... Simon Minty and Phil Friend.

Phil and Simon met in the mid-nineties and became business partners a few years later. They ran a successful disability training and consultancy firm for ten years. At the end of a working week, they used to stay late to discuss and debate all things disability related. Not always agreeing, often having fun, they used to try and make sense of the complexity of disability. Fast forward twenty years, they decided to recreate those discussions with current topics, more experience and a microphone. The conversations are lively, funny and occasionally edgy.

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