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Phil Friend

Phil Friend OBE Hon D.Sc is one of the UK's foremost specialists on disability matters.

About Phil

Since moving on from his professional career in 2020, Phil has dedicated himself to leveraging his expertise and insights in more personal and impactful ways. Through podcasting, writing, and personal conversations, he continues to make significant contributions to the discourse on disability and technology.


Current Projects

As the host of "Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos," Phil delves into the world of assistive technology, uncovering the latest innovations that empower disabled individuals. Alongside Simon Minty, he co-hosts "The Way We Roll," a podcast that offers a deep dive into the everyday experiences and challenges faced by those living with disabilities. Their discussions shine a light on the resilience and creativity within the disabled community.


In his written work via "The Friendly Times," Phil provides thoughtful commentary on disability issues and current affairs, offering readers a fresh and informed perspective on topics that affect the lives of many.

Let’s chat!
Phil values the power of one-on-one online conversations and is available voluntarily to speak with disabled persons who wish to explore their future and potential, both personally and professionally.

Engage in Meaningful Conversations
Engaging in meaningful conversations with people navigating disability and life's challenges is one of Phil’s passions. With a wealth of experience in these areas, he offers an empathetic ear and practical support to help you find solutions and strategies for advancement.

Get in Touch
If you’d like to speak with Phil, please email him at He’d love to hear from you.

Phil's Media

Podcasts and Book

Phil's background

A powerful and respected communicator, his company – Phil & Friends – provided consultancy to many of the country's best-known companies.


Since April 2020, Phil has retired from professional pursuits, instead using his efforts to practise his passion for debate about equality issues through the medium of podcasting. He is also ardent about  continuing his work in the voluntary sector, and helping to make the world a fairer place, particularly for disabled people.

Phil Friend

Throughout his long career as a consultant, Phil delivered speeches and presentations to thousands on a wide range of disability and diversity related topics in the UK. He has also worked as a consultant on disability and diversity projects in Estonia, Romania, Poland, Germany, Canada and the USA. He was awarded an OBE in 2001 for services to equal opportunities and disabled people.

Phil was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science (Hon D.Sc.) in 2009 in recognition of his outstanding contribution to equality and diversity from University of Hertfordshire.